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BEHAVIOUR - Is Calm Really Just Another Behavior? by Barbara Hodel
10 Tips To Teach Your Reactive Dog To Stay Calm
Calming Cap

Chickens and calm - Tim Munro
CHIN REST - calming
clicker dog training
Clicker - How to Teach Your Dog to Settle
Denise Fense -
Developing a “mat” (settle) Behavior
MAT- Dropping Treats
Dr. Jaqui Ley
Greeting Visitors Calmly! video
How To Calm and Settle your Puppy
How To Teach a Hyper Puppy To Settle On A Mat - Sarah Owings
How To Calm and Settle your Puppy
- Greencross Vets
Impulse Control – teaching your dog to relax
Karen Overall Relax Already! How to Condition a Relaxed Response.
Kaye Hargreaves The Security blanket

Laurie Luck - How to Teach Your Dog to Settle Down CLICKER
Mat- Dropping treats at feet
Mat training and Ding Dong
Mat Training: First Steps 4PawsUniversity
Mat Work Eileen Anderson

Nine Calming Aids for Fearful, Anxious, or Nervous DogsTeaching a Calm Chin Rest
Not all Reactive Dogs Bark!
Relax Already! How to Condition a Relaxed Response.

Relax on a Mat - Scatter 10 treats on the surface of the mat
Settle Chiral Patal
Sue Sternberg, the Nothing Exercise for Shelter dogs
Settle on a mat is a lifesaver. part1
Settle on a mat is a lifesaver. part2

Treat and Train

calming cap

Face & Head Wraps - Calming Bands


calming signals

Anxiety at the vets clinic
Appeasement Gestures
At the Dog Park: Red Alert Behavior Series: Tail Tucked Plus Risks to Small Dogs by Sue Sternberg
At the Dog Park: The Importance of Participating by Sue Sternberg (video)

ATTENTION : Does He Really
Want Attention from Kids?
 By Jennifer Shriek
Baby Jumps on Rottweiler
Bared Teeth
Behavioral "Red Flags" in the Dog
BEHAVIOUR - When ‘getting the behavior’ isn’t the priority
BODY LANGUGECalming signals- Are they truly signals or calming? - Jennifer CatteL Ph.D.
Behaviour and signals - Sue Sternberg
belly rub - Dog Signals and Social Cues: what is your dog telling you?
BITE - 6 Early Signs Before a Dog Bites
BITE - Is Your Dog Stressed

BITE The 7 Signs a Dog Might Bite (and How to Respond)
Biting The Hand That Feeds: Dealing With Owner-Directed Aggression
Body Language: Some Dogs Don’t Want Belly Rubs by Sara Reusche, CPDT-KA, CVT
BODY LANGUAGE - Zoom Room Guide to Dog Body Language
Calming Signals

Calming Signals Turid Rugaas
Calming Signals the Art of Survival by Turdi Rugaas
Calming signals- Are they truly signals or calming?
Canine Body Language
Canine Body Language:  A Photographic Guide by Brenda Aloff (book)
Canine Body Language in the Shelter by Sara L. Bennett, DVM  (video)
Canine hip nudge- Do you know what the canine hip nudge means? by Roger Abrantes
CHART - Incredibly Detailed Charts Will Help You Speak Your Dog’s Language
Calming Signals Kikopup
Calming Signals - The Art of Survival
CATALYST part1 Making Dogs Happy Part 1
CONFIDENCE - How To Have a Better Behaved Dog.
Decoding your dogs body language
Displacement or Calming Signals?
DECODING - What is My Dog Trying to Tell Me? Decoding your dog’s body language - Sue Alexander
Dog Bite Prevention
Dog Body Language
Dog Body Language Posts and Videos - Eileen Anderson
Dog Body Language from The Family Dog (video)
Dr. Sophia Yin Dog Decoder App Helps You Understand Dog Body Language
EYES - What is a “Hard Eye” in a Dog? (And What Should You Do When You See One?)
EYES - Whale Eye - Canine Body Language: Whale Eyes
FACIAL EXPRESSIONS - How to Read a Dog's Facial Expressions
FEARFUL - How to Approach a Shy or Fearful Dog
Fearful Behavior in Dogs
GREETING - How Not to Greet a Dog
Greeting - One Great Snark! (slow motion dog to dog meeting)
Guide to Dog Body Language - FAFA” facial expressions
Guide to Dog Play Gestures
Guide to Dog Body Language from Zoom Room (video)
HACKLES - What Does It Mean When My Dog’s Hair Stands Up?
Holly /Caesar Millan Body Language
How to Tell If Your Dog Is Afraid
How to Read Your Dog's Body Language
How To Read Your Dog's Body Language By Stanley Coren
Human Body Posture - Learn What Your Body Posture is Saying to Your Dog
Knowing Your Dog’s Body Language
Learn how to read dog’s behavior better” by Kristin Crestejo (video)
LICKING - Ever Wonder Why Your Dog Loves to Lick You?
LICKING - Why Do Dogs Like to Lick Our Faces?
Lip Licks - Eileen Anderson
Muzzle handling and body signals (Dog Charming)
On Talking Terms with Dogs:  Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas  (book)
Parker and the Baby
Paw Lift - Dog Body Language
Pilo-erection When the hair on a dogs back goes up!
PLAY - Understandng Canine Play
RED FLAGS - The Canine Body Language Associated with Stress and Fear
SELF SOOTHING - Canine Anxiety And Self-Soothing Dogs!
SHAKE OFF - Dog Body Language
SMILING - Do You Know When Your Dog is Uncomfortable?
Speak Dog - Joan Orr
Splitting behaviour in dog communication
Stanley Coran Animal Communication
STORMS - Storms, Fireworks and Your Dog - Julie Addison
STRESS - Reading Dog Body Language: Stress Related Cues
Stressed - 11 Subtle Signs Your Dog is Stressed!
Stressful Dog Behaviors: How dogs release stressful energy
Stress escalation Ladder
STRETCH- The greeting stretch
The wee signs of dogs
The Half roll - Do You Know What the Dog’s Twist Behavior Means?
Tongue - It’s a TONGUE thing … Nancy Tanner
UNCOMFORTABLE - Do You Know When Your Dog is Uncomfortable?
Understanding Dog Body Language - Learn how to read dogs behavior better - Kristin Crestejo

UNCOMFORTABLE - Do you know when your dog is uncomfortable?

Understanding Dog Body Language by Lisa Lyle Waggoner
Understanding Your Dog - James Aitken
Whale Eye
What I’m Trying to Say” by Louisa Morrissey
What is your dog telling you? - What are Dog Signals and Social Cues?
What is My Dog Trying to Tell Me? - Sue Alexander
What NOT to do to your best friend and why. Kikopup
Who is Going to Win? by Patricia McConnell, PhD
Why Do Dogs Yawn?
Why Supervising Dogs and Kids Doesn’t Work by Robin Bennett, CPDT-KA


Calm Markers Kikopup
Shy and Reactive Dog Training- 3 Calm Treat Deliveries Kikopup

see Photo

canine autism

Like Minds

canine dysfunction see Dementia

canine emotional detox
- Diane Garrod


Car Phobia
Does Your Dog Struggle With Getting In The Car?


What is CARE




Caution or Fear In Dogs: There is a big difference

cesar Milan

Calm Submissive - Eileen Anderson
The Dog Whisperer: Frequently Asked Questions
The real man
What Do Outdated Dog Training and a Pit of Spiders Have in Common?


Part 1 Shaping and Chaining The Basic Retrieve


Can I Teach My Dog to Stop Chasing the Cat?
How do I stop my dog chasing?

check chains see punishment


DogSafety Intervention - Knowing Your Dog's Body Language & More

chin targeting see Targeting
chirag patal

Ear Treatment Training for Dogs 
"From Brain to Bite"

Teaching Your Dog to "Drop"

The Bucket Game - by Chirag Patel
Veterinary and care giving behaviours


CHOICE = Training a Dog to Make Choices
Do it or else mentality
Do You Dogs REALLY Want To Come In?
LOOK - WATCH ME - Teaching A Leash Reactive Dog To Make The Right Choices
Not All “Choices” Are Equal by Eileen Anderson part 1
The Dog’s Choice (Choice: by Eileen Anderson Part 2)
The Power of Choice Peta Clarke

The Choice is Yours Peta Clarke
The power of choice


CLASSICAL conditioning (counter conditioning and desensitization)

BEST ONE - Classical Conditioning – Ivan Pavlov

BEST ONE Counter Conditioning a Husky
*****New Scientific Findings about How to Treat Fear in Dogs
Aggression - What do I do when I can't distract my dog? - You're asking the wrong question.

REALLY BEST ONE - Watch the World Game Watch the World: Changing Fear or Reactivity
BALLOONS - Helping a dog overcome a fear of them
Barrier - using a barrier
Fear of Loud Noises Yvette van Veen
CARE for reactive dogs
Car Rides _ Stampeding
Cars - Treating a fear of car journeys using desensitization and counter-conditioning
Cars - this is excellent, points out the difference between the 2 conditioning
Classical Conditioning INFORMATION GOOD
Classical conditioning - Classical conditioning: do try this at home
Classical Counterconditioning Collection - 10 Tips for counterconditioning success
CLICKER - Kikopup
COOKIES - You Can’t Cure MY Fear By Shoving Cookies at Me! - Eileen Anderson
Counter-conditioning a Dog to Blowing in Face by Sophia Yin
Counter Conditioning: a Visual Explanation Donna Hill
Counter - Conditioning _ Visual Donna Hill
Counter-Conditioning for vet visits Lore Haug
Counter Conditioning and Desensitization: Using Techniques Effectively
Counter Conditioning and Safety - Suzanne Clothier
Counter Conditioning step by step -Wolfe
Counter Desensitization and Counterconditioning for Reactivity - Trisha McConnell
Counter Conditioning for Reactivity -Trisha McConnell
DESENSITIZING - (skateboard / baby carriage)
DOORBELL -DING DONG the best I have heard

Examples of Classical and Operant
FEAR - Treated fear can return – even to the next generation
FEEDING FOR ANY BEHAVIOUR Jean Donaldson Culture Clash page 51
FOOD Ian Dunbar
Graded Exposure
Habituation and Desensitisation. The Difference?
HANDS Debbie Jacobs
HELP - How to Help Your Fearful Dog: Become the Crazy Dog Lady
How Desensitization Is Like Learning How To Swim
INJECTIONS - Teaching a Cat to Accept Injections
John McGowan
KIK0PUP - how to do it properly!
LEARNING TO SWIM - How Desensitization Is Like Learning How To Swim
Kikopup Stimulus predicts the treat

Learning Theory 101: Desensitization and Counter-Conditioning
leash reactivity
Misconceptions of Counterconditioning Leash Reactive Dogs PPGA

MISCONCEPTIONS Misconception #1 – Feeding a dog when they are barking
Myth - Positive training for reactivity is limited to "distracting" a dog with treats when another dog appears.
or fearful reinforces the fear.

Nabbing Nibbles Deb Jacobs - conditioning to lead
NAILS CC/DS MISCONCEPTIONS - Misconceptions of Counterconditioning Leash Reactive Dogs
Pitbull Guru Channel Youtube
Preventative Counter Conditioning

RATS - Redirection vs. Desensitization - desensitizing doesn't usually work if it's a truly instinctive or driven behavior.
REACTIVE DOGS - Classical Conditioning with a slightly reactive dog.
Respondent Learning for Dogs
SAFETY - Counter Conditioning and Safety"
SHALLOW END -How Desensitization Is Like Learning How To Swim
Systemic Desensitization - getting rid of fear in dogs
SWIMMING -How Desensitization Is Like Learning How To Swim

UNDERSTANDNG - Understanding Desensitization in Dog Training
Urban Dawgs videos - Postive, Reward-Based Dog Training Channel youtube
video - Counter Conditioning Less Stress More Success by Uban Dogs smelling seeing hearing
Touch and Treat
Understanding The Process of Desensition..
VETS Desensitization to the Veterinary Office
VETS - Step-by-Step Training for Your Dog's Next Vet Visit
Video - Leash Greetings and what to avoid
video - Dogs to other dogs when on leash Less by Uban Dogs
Video #5 Pulling on Leash Less Stress More Success
video - PREY – Counter Conditioning by Uban Dogs
video - PREY – Traffic and Humans on Wheels by Uban Dogs shaping
.Vacuum Cleaner
WOLPE - Wolpe and Desensitization Therapy

Classical and Operant Conditioning
Learning theory basics, part 1- Classical conditioning in dogs: beyond the training session Jennifer Cattet Ph.D.

Lili Chin
Teaching Dogs to Love Having Their Toenails Trimmed* Dr. sophia Yin

clicker training

Amygdala: the Neurophysiology of Clicker Training

Breaking the Rules Ken Ramriez
Brelands and Skinner
Counter conditioning Kikopup
Criteria - Lumping and Splitting Criteria- A Dog Training Model Showing Distance, Duration and Distraction
Gotcha game - Dog traing tutorial- Gotcha! teach your dog to be caught when loose!
Karen Pryor and the Neurobiology of TAG teach and the Clicker
Negative Punishment
Ponies Choice - Karen Pryor
Target Lure or Free shaping
The power of choice
Touch - Kikopup

Cognitive dissonance

Ben franklin
20 Cognitive Biases That Affect Your Decision-Making

collars grab

Collar Grab Training Game
Collar Grab -Pam's Dog Academy
Does Your Dog Love to Have You Reach for Them??
Training Dogs to Love Having Their Collar Grabbed


coconut oil

Dr. Becker


Shock Collars - see Punishment


It’s Okay to Comfort a Scared Dog

It’s really okay – comfort your dog in a storm

command - see 'cue'


Swallowing it

conditioned emotional response

Accidental Punishment - Eileen and the dogs
HOOVER -- Eileen and the dogs
Kim Pike
Sunny by Debbie Jacobs
Dentist’s Office Smell and Dog Sports

confidence building

Building A Submissive Dog's Confidence
Building Your Dog's Confidence Up
Confidence - Building Confidence in your Dog
Confidence Building Exercises - (ABC) Pet Training

Building your dog's confidence up - Whole Dog Journal
Confidence 101

CONFIDENCE- Exercises for Building Confidence in Insecure Dogs
Confidence Help Your Shy Dog Gain Confidence
Confidence - How to Boost Your Dog's Confidence

XONFIDENCE - Tips For Training Low Confidence Dogs
COPING - Helping Your Dog Cope with Submissive Behavior - Causes & Prevention
Help for the Shy and Fearful Dog

SELF ESTEEM - How to Raise Your Dog’s Self Esteem
Shy Dog - Afraid of Family Member or Husband
TREATS - How NOT to win over a shy dog


What Africa’s Wild Dogs Can Teach Us About Conformation

Behaviour is driven by its consequences


Born to Choose: The Origins and Value of the Need for Control
The boy that was raised with a dog Patricia Mconnell
What Not to Err - Kathy Sdao
Researchers show how self-control can drain your memory banks


Coping with In-Home Construction with Dogs - Eileen Anderson


Your Pet's Resting Cortisol LevelS

cortisol vacation
Cortisol vacation
Cortisol vacation La Trenda
Cortisol Vacations For Our Pets?
The Cortisol Vacation- what do you do if your dog finds daily life stressful

counter conditioning - see Classical conditioniing

counter surfing

Tutorial: Solving Counter Surfing- Clicker Dog Training



5 Things To Do If Your Dog Needs1 Cage Rest
ADULT DOG - How to Crate Train an Adult Dog - Tips Crate Training Older Dog
Adult dog - Mikkel Becker's Top Tips for Crate-Training an Adult Dog
BED - Letting Your Puppy Sleep in Your Bed? Here’s How to Do It Safely
Chill out Zone Jennifer Shryock,

CLICKER TRAINING - Shaping your dog to love his crate - Clicker Training Tutorial
CONTAINED - What To Do When a Dog Hates Being Contained
CRATE FEAR - stop crate fears in adult dogs (video)
Crate Training -based on Susan Garretts Crate Games stages 1-2-3
Crate Training Made Easy - WHOLE DOG JOURNAL (Pat Miller)

Crate Training 101
Crate Training, The Ultimate Guide
Crate Training Tips for Dog Training by Donna Hill
Crate Rest - Donna Hill

Five Steps to Crate Training Your Dog (good)
How To Crate Train A Puppy Or Dog: A Step-By-Step Guide
How to Crate Train Your Dog - cue is put on last
MEASURING - How To Choose the Right Size Dog Crate
MEASURING - How To Measure
MEASURING - What Size?
MEASURING - What size crate will I need for my dog?
MEASURING - What Size Dog Crate Do You Need? Which Type Is Best?
Older Dog - How to crate train an older dog
Puppy - Crate Training: Puppy Training Made Easy. How To Crate Train Your Puppy
Sizing- Using and sizing a crate
TRAVEL - How to Crate Train Your Dog for Travel - just place the bottom portion of the crate in your living room or another common area where your dog likes to spend time.



Letting Your Dog “Cry It Out” Could Cause Permanent Damage

cu - Control Unleashed ®CU Website
Leslie McDevitt Demos CU games
Look at that game -video - Leslie Mcdevitt
Look at that
Pattern games video - Leslie Mcdevitt
Videos - Lesie McDevitt


Does my dog want to be petted or hugged?
Does Your Dog Like Cuddles?

cues - See Training


-Kathy Sdao

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