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ear drops

Chirag Patal
Margaret Keast and Paxi


eager to please

Are Dogs Really Eager to Please?

emotional abuse

BC SPCA wins fight to keep emotionally abused dog

emotional help

Why seeking help from a behavioural Vet is the first step in prioritizing a dog’s emotional health.. During the first consultation with a fearful or aggressive dog, discussing the dog’s emotional health needs to be the priority

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST Why have I been referred to a Veterinary Behaviourist instead of a dog trainer?
Animal Emotions – the driving force behind our dog’s behaviors
Calming Signals (recognising stress signs).
Medication does my dog need medication
Prioritising a Dogs Emotional Help
Shut Down by Eileen Anderson
Shut Down Dogs part 1 by Eileen Anderson
Shut Down Dogs part 2 by Eileen Anderson


Animal Emotions and That Icky Sticky Fear
Animal Emotions – the driving force behind our dog’s behaviors - Panseek's Basic Emotions
Canine Emotions - Victoria Stilwell
Canine Emotion - Emotion and the Senses

Emotions and Behavior
Emotion and the Senses
The Food/Brain Relationship
The Effect of Punitive Training on Emotion
Can Dogs Feel Jealous?
Can Dogs Feel Guilty?
How to Raise an Emotionally Balanced Dog 
Emotional Pain in Animals: An Invisible World of Hurt by Bioethicist and writer Jessica Pierce, Ph.D
Emotions of a dog Stanely Coren
Excerpt from ’ Making Animals Happy’ by Temple Grandin & Catherine Johnson
The Emotional Dog Rise Van Fleet
The neuroscience of emotion: Kerry Ressler at TEDxPeachtree 2012
Emotions and Behaviour

EMPATHISING towards each other

I Feel Your Pain



How To Bring Empathy into Practice?


Training your ENERGETIC DOG


Dog Enrichment
Fun, Cognitive Training Games For Dogs
Multisensory Enrichment for Shelter Dogs

Carman Battaglia


Distraction (or excitement)

Dogs and Their Environment: Effects are Greater than You Think
How do dogs adapt to new surroundings?
Learn to take inventory of your environment - Look before you Jump in - Nancy Tanner

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training - Whenever we are teaching something new, we start
in a distraction free environment. There is nothing of interest but us
QUIET - Train your dog in a quiet, distraction-free environment at first

The relationship between dog behavior and environment is important to understand.

enviromental enrichment see MENTAL STIMULATION


Check Chains see under "Check Chains"
Pros and Cons of Training Devices for Lead Walking
Which Types of Collars and Harnesses are Safe for Your Dog?


essential oils
How To Safely Use Essential Oils For Dogs


Canine Ethogram - Roger Abrantes


On Ethology - Michael W. Fox


Ask a Trainer: When Is It Time to Put a Problem Dog Down?
Harsh Truths And Difficult Choices: The Reality Of Behavioral Euthanasia

5 Things I Wish You Knew Before Euthanizing Your Dog
Harsh Truths And Difficult Choices: The Reality Of Behavioral Euthanasia



Book - dogs on restricted exercise
Exercise and Dog Reactivity
Exercise for Dogs: Tiring vs. Taxing
How Long Is a Piece of String
How to Exercise Your Dog Without Leaving the House
Lives of Streeties: A study on the activity budget of free-ranging dogs
One of the most common mistakes people make when exercising their dogs
Reactive Dogs and Exercise
Over-excitement in Exercise -Too Much of a Good Donna Hill
Worshipping the God of Exercise Walks

eye contact - see Look at me



EXTINCTION Eileen Anderson

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