• WHY TEACH TRICKS?“Trick” is a Very Powerful Word!
  • For some of these tricks it may be easier to use a platform for a little dog.
  • ABOUT PLATFORMS - Platform Basics and Beyond: by - Michele Pouliot
  • Peekaboo by Devon Valentine Uses hands on hips signal. A Platform is easier to use?
  • Peekabo Heeling by kikopup makes regular heel a snap!
  • Peekaboo by K9Tricksters Luring through the legs). Can use a target for 'away' to reset.
  • Peekaboo by expertvillage Spins through legs and lures.
  • Peekaboo (Between) by MultiAnimalcrackers Teaches walking inbet.ween legs
  • Cop-cop by ClickerPetsMore Uses a stool as a prop.
  • Cop Cop by uver Channel Needs to know 'shake' cue, 'between the legs' an target shoe.
  • Cop Cop Your feet on mine by InezAmy4 Conditions dog walking between her legs first.
  • Cop-Cop" or "Your feet on mine" by Helping Pets Behave She turns her feet inwards.
  • Cop Cop your feet on mine by zsianz1 starts by sitting on the floor.
  • Cop Cop for a Small dog by kikopup uses all four feet, good instructions.
  • Cop Cop uses a book as a target first before paws on feet. Be good for Peekaboo too.

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