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Animal Emotions – the driving force behind our dog’s behaviors
Animals Make Us Human
Anticipation - The Sweetest Smell of All by Peta Clarke
Autonomic Nervous System
Behavourism V's the Cognitive Black Box!
BRAIN - The Brains Seeking System

CARE Social Pain wy people becomes addicted
DOGS - Do Dogs Have Emotions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65e2qScV_K8
Dopamine drives the seeking system. When they’re aroused, the dopamine circuits in our brains put us in the seeking state where we feel eager and aroused (By contrast, when stimulating the SEEKING pathway, rats will eagerly activate brain stimulation all day long.)
Driving Force behind animal Emotions
EMOTIONS - Do animals have emotions? An introduction to Panksepp
EMOTIONS - What are Emotions?
FEAR, which, contrary to what many researchers claim, does NOT begin in the amygdala, but begins much lower -
Happy – or Just Hyper?
How the brain hardHappy or Hyper - Dopamine drives the seeking system-wires us to love Google, Twitter, and texting. And why that's dangerous
Humanity's 7 Primal Emotions
Internet Addiction
LAB - In the lab of Happy rats
NEED - What Do Dogs Need
Panksepp, SEEK, and Natural Dog Training
Patricia McConnell Click and… Always Treat? Or Not?
Play and the Development of Social Skills
Play impulse
PLAY - Brains at Play - Why do we humans like to play so much? CARTOON
PLAY - From SEEKING to PLAY there are no reinforcement process in the brain that anybody has ever identified.
- The Primal Power of Play
Play rough and tumble not evident when fearful
Play The Importance Of Play
Psychiatric ward to understanding happiness

SEEKING Temple Grandid - Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals
SEEKING Circuit - The Hunt
SEEKING System Concepts
SEEKING SYSTEM Dear reader: Jaak Panksepp on the brain and searching the web
SEEKING system - Is Activation “Seeking System” Dependent?
Seeking system stimulates the dopamine pathways
Technology and the brain: On clicking, seeking, Massaro shoes, and dopamine
Temple Grandid book - Animals Make Us Human: Creating the Best Life for Animals
The Science of Emotions OCD - Dopamine
The science of emotions: Jaak Panksepp at TEDxRainier
Tickling Rats
Why Do Rats Laugh - positive and negative reinforcement 7mins -skinner 18 mins (57:20) - SEEKING SYSTEM 21 MINS

jolly routine

Bill Campbell
Fearful Dogs
Ian Dunbar
Kaye Hargreaves


It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey


jumping up

DENISE FENSE read this first!
Extinction when using wrong
Helping your dog get it right -
Brad Pitt (a mild punishment)
Increasing the stress level
Kathy Sdao
Ken Ramiez - Oops! What to Do When Mistakes Happen
No click means try again
"NRMs" No Reward Markers -
Melissa Alexander
Stop the Dog From Jumping Up video
When it all goes wrong
- Aaron Clayton 4 feet on the Floor - Chirag batal
When Jumping Isn't Friendly


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